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Why Invest?

For our EB5 Visa Funds projects we gather comprehensive data and use our extensive connections to identify the most promising projects. Our experts pre-screen and eliminate all projects from consideration that have anything but a very low risk of green card denial. We evaluate the financial risk and undertake due diligence of management, income and cash statement, profit & loss, and projections and much more for each project.

We do not focus on Targeted Economic Area’s “TEA”. Instead we look for opportunities that generate income return and are a proven commodity. We search and approve projects that have the lowest risk possible.


High Risk
New Ventures
New Construction


Return of Investment?

Low to Medium Risk
Existing Operations

Historical Revenue Generating

Return of Funds Greater

Those seeking an EB-5 investor visa enjoy several advantages by applying through our EB5 Visa Funds Regional Center. America is the land of opportunity and our team of experienced legal and financial analysts strive to eliminate unnecessary risk! Our advisors can identify and evaluate both the legal and financial issues in each EB-5 project, as well as all the complex interactions that present themselves and help investors make smart choices among our current portfolio of projects.

Our Process Per Project

Pre Investment
Due Diligence
Credit profile
EB5 Visa Fund
Underwriter Criteria

Post Investment
Heightened Due Diligence
Post fund certifications related
to use of funds
Semi-annual financial statements
Copies of all payrolls and I-9’s

Investor Suitability Form

Download Form

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