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Andy M. Perez | CEO EB5 Visa Funds


Perez is a 12-year veteran entrepreneur in the For Profit Education Industry with concentrations in Information Technology, Allied Health and Advanced Manufacturing clusters. It was here that Perez developed a strong business management and development, innovation and economic market understanding that have been wide and varied. Through his experience and qualifications he has a sound and thorough understanding of business visioning, establishment, consolidation and expansion. Strengths include experience as a DSO (Designated School Official), where Perez oversaw and provided several Student Visas authorized by the Department of Homeland Security.

Perez has continued to develop and refine his innate talent for logistics, event management, systems, team building, sales and marketing by gaining valuable experience in many urban and regional business contexts. Perez has also gained valuable experience in the use of Social Media and both web and mobile technologies to build digital relationships for his current/past businesses, organizations and individuals.

Perez is also cofounder of the Make it in Florida campaign, a collaborative partnership that brings together Florida’s Advanced Manufacturing private industry, five (5) State and Regional Manufacturers Associations, five (5) Career Source Workforce Regions, regional Educational leaders, public institutions and community leaders to put together a roadmap for a Florida manufacturing skilled workforce.

Perez was appointed and serves currently on two Department of Labor Workforce Boards at the State and Local Level. Perez currently holds the Chairman of the Finance and Administrative Council for Career Source Florida, which serves directly to the pleasure of Florida’s Governor. Perez also holds the Economic Development and Industry Sector Chairman seat at the Local Level for the Department of Labor.






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